'Masterclasses' with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah in Spain

Grand Master Chan Kun Wah runs various courses a year for Chue style Graduates through the Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain located in Málaga, Southern Spain.  Please download the PDF files at the bottom of this page for more detailed information.  

Masterclasses in Spain for 2018 - ©

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) with Grand Master Chan


Personal Fate for 2018 - Year of the Earth Dog ©

This course will consist of 3 days on how to calculate Personal Fates for 2018. Grand Master Chan will be teaching us how to use the 12 Mansions Method to predict how a persons fate will be forecast during 2018.

Chue Yik 1  - in Castellón ©



The content of the course reveals how Grand Master Chan can interprete a persons' luck, money, relationships etc. from their own Chue Yik Hexagram. 

Kinships 1 in San Pedro Alcantara, Malaga. ©

Grand Master Chan guides Chue style graduates, through the knowledge hidden within the kwas.  This course will give  consultants skills to apply during  consultations for

improved results.


Information on Masterclasses for 2018
Latest information on Grand Master Chan's courses in Spain. Last Update Ha Gee 2018
info Masterclasses Ha Gee 2018.pdf
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With the new chi, The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain has updated "The General Terms & Conditions" and price structure for all of Grand Master Chan's courses in Spain.  This change is in line with Grand Master Chan's approved "T&C's".


All courses must be booked through the online booking form.


Please clic here for: General Terms & Conditions.  Please take time to read carefully though them, especially if you have already applied for a place on a course.  


You may also find courses with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah in Edinburgh, Scotland.  www.masterkwchan.com and http://www.imperialfengshui-enerchi.com/aboutus.html

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