General Terms and Conditions


For all courses offered by The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain

Updated April 2020


The student understands and agrees that:

  • Booking Courses: By applying and accepting a place on a course run through the Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain the student hereby agrees to ISFSS’s General Terms & Condition.
  • Approval for Grand Master Chan`s Courses:  Grand Master Chan’s courses are for Chue Foundation Members only.  For all courses that Grand Master Chan teaches, he will select the appropriate students. They will be notified by email of the status of their application no later than six weeks before the course.
  • Status of Courses:  Before a course can be confirmed to go ahead there needs to be a certain number of successful applicants.  The course status, dates and venue will be confirmed six weeks before the start of the course. If a student books travel or accommodation before the course is confirmed, then they do so at their own risk.  We do not hold any responsibility for any travel expenses the student may have incurred. 
  • Right of Entry:  All courses must be applied for online.  If the student doesn`t fill in the online application form, then he is not entitled to a place on the course.  The I.S.F.S, Spain holds the ‘Right of Entry’ for all courses at any point in time. 
  • Cancellation of Places: If a student has been granted a place on a course and needs to cancel that place, then one months’ notice in required in writing to Teri Garcia at  We can then offer that place to another student. If no written notification is received then the student will be liable to pay for the course.
  • Member’s Discounts: All Chue style courses have a special Chue Foundation Member’s discounted price.
  • Currency: All courses must be paid in full by the first day of the course to the Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain in Euros (€) only.
  • Refreshments: Food, refreshments, travel and accommodation are the students’ own responsibility and are not included in the course fee.
  • Personal Responsibility: Students are liable for their own behavior and safety at all times.  ISFS,Spain recommend students to have adequate liability insurance.
  • Course Notes: Selective course notes from The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain are only available to those students on any particular course that may have missed a specific section of such course. 
  • Repeater’s Discounts: There is a 40% repeater’s discount for some specific courses to those students with valid Certificates of Attendance for that specific course that are no more than 8 years old.
  • VAT Registration:  All courses at The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain are inclusive of VAT.  Spanish VAT is 21%.
  • Course Schedule Amendments: The ISFS,Spain does its upmost to keep to advertised course schedules and conditions.  However, in the event of any necessary amendments to the advertised schedules and conditions of a course or cancellations due to unexpected events beyond our control, we do not hold any responsibility for any expenses or inconvenience the student may have incurred. We always recommend that the student have valid travel and medical insurance.  The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain reserves the right to change or modify the prices, schedules and general conditions of any course at any time. 
  • Course Prices: Prices are those issued by the Chue Foundation Guidelines for Schools and Teachers issue 2018 plus taxes liable in Spain.
  • International Data Protection: The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain adheres to the International Data Protection Act and does not share any student’s details. The student has the right to ask to be omitted from distribution lists at any time by contacting the school directly via email at
  • Chue Foundation School and Teacher’s Guidelines: The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain adheres to the Chue Foundation Schools and Teacher’s Guidelines.
  • Translations: No translators are allocated to courses.  If translation is required, it is according to ‘The Terms and Conditions for Teachers and Translators’ document approved by Grand Master Chan. 
  • Electrical Equipment: Computers, recorders, laptops, note pads, mobile phones or any other electrical equipment are not authorized for use in the classroom. 


  • COPYRIGHT AND AUTHOR’ RIGHTS:  Attending a Chue style course means that the student recognizes and respects the rule that the contents, manuals and notes of that Chue style course may not be recorded, copied, photographed, transmitted, reproduced, published, taught, uploaded online, posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.), shared or divulged in any way, be it from the hand-outs/notes/photos from class or by oral transmission, to any person other than the students on the same course.  The student may not record in class.  The student recognizes and respects all copyright© and author’s rights from Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and the Chue Foundation. 


Master Teri Garcia (CH). The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain®, Tlf (+34) 628588178




En cumplimiento de lo establecido en el Reglamento General de Protección de Datos 2016/670 del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 27 de abril de 2016, relativo a la protección de datos personales y la libre circulación de los mismos, le comunicamos que los datos que usted nos facilite quedarán incorporados y serán tratado en los ficheros titularidad de Feng Shui Marbella Consultancy/The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain con solamente el fin de mantenerles informados de los cursos que realizamos relativos a la actividad de la empresa. Feng Shui Marbella y The Imperial School of Feng Shui se compromete de tratar de forma confidencial los datos de carácter personal facilitados y no comunicar ó ceder dicha información a terceros.  De acuerdo con dicha ley, Usted tiene el derecho de darse de baja en nuestro listado mediante correo electrónico a indicado en el temario "Baja". 


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